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Thursday, May. 28, 2020
"The Vast of Night," a micro-budget noir set in 1950s New Mexico, crackles with B-movie electricity. The film is one of those little miracles: a directorial debut, made for nothing, that establishes... read more
Thursday, May. 28, 2020 | SHOOTonline
President Donald Trump escalated his war on social media companies Thursday, signing an executive order challenging the liability protections that have served as a bedrock for unfettered speech on... read more
Thursday, May. 28, 2020 | SHOOTonline
Any misconduct that attached to ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" was of the garden-variety business type. During the quiz's show initial 1999-2002 run, the network milked the unexpected hit with... read more
Thursday, May. 28, 2020 | SPW
Mobius Awards, a 50-year-old international advertising competition, opened May 28, introducing some new categories and an extended entry period. The competition final deadline is October 1. Eligible... read more
Thursday, May. 28, 2020 | SHOOTonline
D&AD has unveiled the shortlisted entries for an additional 11 award competition categories (Design Transformation, Film Advertising, Integrated, Media, Music Videos, Next Creative, Next Designer... read more