What is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

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  • What is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

  • For thousands of years, travelers have had a dream to visit The Land of Pharaohs and the land of magic and history because Egypt is one of the best places to visit continuously, whether in the summer season or winter; where the landmarks and the wonderful history, which is a wonderful and distinctive destination for many lovers of tourism, it is a very sophisticated geographical location and its beaches full of all the treasures of charming coral weeds, so we want to take you with us through Traveling to know the best time to visit beautiful Egypt now.

    Summer in Egypt:

    The summer in Egypt is sometimes hot Temperatures in Egypt are generally high, especially during the months of May to August where the sun is too bright and hot so that it should be very careful and use sunblock but you still can enjoy the Egyptian beaches, resort, and have trips to the different coastal beaches like Hurghada, Safaga, MarsaAlam, and Sharm El-Sheikh.

    Winter in Egypt:

    In Cairo and the Nile Delta in the winters will be the best weather from October to February, and you should always wear the right jacket, especially in the evening, and at the same time the south of Egypt remains warm during this time, but temperatures drop in the evening.

    Winter can be considered the best time to visit Egypt if you want to avoid the sun, and the months of September, March, and April are also pleasant and good months to visit Egypt.

    If you are planning on joining Nile cruises on Egypt’s famous feluccas or camping in the western desert, it is best to pack light or heavy sleeping bags with you depending on the time of your visit.

    Spring in Egypt:

    Spring is a very nice time to visit Egypt is known as the cold and hot season. This includes the following months: March, April, May, and June. The spring begins on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, and ends on Friday, June 21, 2019.

    Events in Egypt during the spring

    Sham Ennessim

    Everyone celebrates Egypt Muslims or Christians with this national spicily the kids holiday and eat the traditional food on the such as day Dried Fish with onions and boiled eggs.

    Moulid of Abu El Haggag in Luxor and it’s a festival celebrate in Luxor culture

    Best Time for Nile River Cruises

    When we talk about civilization and the history of ancient Egypt, With this in mind cities of Luxor and Aswan to tell the glories of our ancient Egyptian ancestors over thousands of years and the best vacations

    on the cruise from Aswan to Luxor or Luxor to Aswan  best time to go on a Nile cruise is between October and April because  of the warm weather allowing you to get the most out of day trips to iconic sights such as sightseeing in Aswan Phila temple, unfinished obelisk, Edfu and com Ombo temples thank the magic sightseeing in Luxor Valley of the kinges, valley of the queens For the same reasons, travel during the peak summer months of June to August is not recommended The average temperatures around  100 F (40 C)

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