Services websites, graphic design, film placement,Netflix hulu movie theaters

the change in chuch documentary
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  • Services websites, graphic design, film placement,Netflix hulu movie theaters



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    Artist personalise
    Websites sell your digital ringtones music ,video content ,merch and get paid right away through paypal or other secure gateway's . We have support packages (we monitor finances) and or indie website and gateway training packages (u monitor your own finances)
    Have ur whole catalog and merch in one place for fans access 24hours
    Documentary and film distribution
    Limited theaters and Major and indie Cable Satillite Tv.
    100+streaming services Netflix ,Amazon Hulu etc
    Artist development 
    Social media building following 
    Artist Show case and open mic placement 
    Writing, record ,vocal  training 
    Music business 101
    Acting Model Entry training 
    Reinvent or Reestablishing career

    Graphic design
    Flyers ,Menu,Posters,Albums Covers
    We cover it all prices starting at $19.99

    Video film development Production :
    consultant, directors ,producers, camera man ,editors ,writers
    Ask about $200 event cameraman and editor 4 hours or less tristate only

    Want to pitch your video to online streaming sites like Netflix,Amazon,Hulu
    Movie or Featured documentary to limited theaters , cable,and other formats we also do Music distribution ITunes , Tidal, .We also have Music video distribution MTV,VH1,BET
    National TV Commercial Ad spots
    Starting at $700-$2000 monthly
    Music development and production
    Website building :
    No monthly fees flat rate starting at $35
    Look at some of our work, read our bio & resume page
    Call for price quote or to book
    ask for Kevin 646-898-8025 or 833-236-8447 WE ACCECPT PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,CASH,DEBIT &CREDIT