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  • Hey there!  I'm a qualified, experienced and very motivated musician and producer.  I have over 2 decades of experience, and I'd love to help you on your next project.  I can do recording, editing, mixing, mastering, audio cleanup, assist with arranging and songwriting - pretty much anything you need.  I am also an experienced vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drum programmer and can do any of these things for your tracks.  I can do one or 2 of these aspects of audio production, or I can literally take your bare bones idea and turn it into a fully produced and polished song ready to sell or shop to others.

    Whether you're an artist who needs help making their next album/single, or a producer needing a second set of ears on a master or someone to help with your overload work, I'm here to help you!  For a before and after demo of one of my recent projects, click here.

    Services start as low as $50.  For more information on my rates and services, go to my website at or reach out to me at  I'm looking forward to working together!