When you need to find and hire top behind the scenes crew? Professional creative talent? Sell unused motion picture production equipment? Market an upcoming auction? or promote your services to the motion picture industry? Think SHOOT Classifieds. Without a doubt, SHOOT Classifieds reach movers & shakers in Movies, Television, Commercials, Music Video, and Online & Mobile video production and postproduction Industries from Hollywood to Bollywood and from Madison Avenue to Cannes.

As a symbiotic addition to SHOOTonline,  SHOOT Classifieds provides motion picture marketing professionals, company owners & managers, talent and entrepreneurs a powerful, digitally sophisticated tool, to communicate your ad directly to, hard-to-reach, motion-picture industry decision-makers.

How much does it cost to post an ad?
SHOOTonline Classified ads are FREE to registered members of SHOOTonline.com (registration is free). Classified ad posts can have up to 5 images and there is no limits on the body copy length. All ads include SHOOT Classifieds distribution features listed below.  All ads are public for at least 30 days unless unpublished by the author or are in violation of SHOOT Classifieds Guidelines and Terms of Service (TOS). Every ad post gets ALL SHOOT Classifieds' distribution features listed below.  How To Register  |  Register Here

There are four levels of SHOOT Memberships - “Registered” which is free and three levels of paid membership (PLUS, PREMIER and BUSINESS.

  • Registered FREE members can post 1 employment and/or 1 classified ad at a time.

  • PLUS Members can Post up to 2 employment and/or 2 classified ads at a time.

  • Premier Members can post up to 5 employment and/or 5 classified ads, using up to 2 company alias' at a time.

  • Business Members can post up to 10 employment and/or 10 classified ads, using up to 5 company alias' at a time.

Types of  ads of interest & appropriate for SHOOT’s audience


1st AD
actors | talent
art department
art director
associate producer
best boy
boom operators
broadcast producer
camera operator
creative director
digital imaging
director of photography
assistant director
graphic artist
production accounting
location manager
make-up artists
marketing and publicity
model maker

music editor
production assistant
production buyer
production coordinator
production manager
set decorator
sound editor
stills photographer


Auctioneers & Appraisal
Casting Calls
Event Planning
Film Restoration, Preservation & Transfer
Freelance For Hire
Legal & Accounting
Locations Agents
Marketing & Publicity Agents
Real Estate Agents
Sales Rep Firms
Screening Rooms
Talent Agents
Set Photographers


Audio Amps, Consoles & Speakers
Batteries and Generators
Cameras | Video & DSLR
Camera Support
Camera Accessories
Cases, Racks, Storage
Cine Lenses - Zoom, Telephoto & Prime
Color Grading & Telecine
Computers & Workstations
Digital Media
Film Scan & Transfer Devices
Forklifts & Racking
Grip Gear
Lighting | Cables
Monitors & TVs
Post Production Software
Rigging and Support Equipment
Sound Mics & Recorders
Servers, Routers & Storage
Staging & Trusses
Test & Engineering




What To Expect For Your Classified Ad Distribution:

  • Your SHOOT Classified ad will be live for a minimum of 30 days appearing on its own dedicated web page with search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Using digital feeds to auto-post your ad title, teaser copy and link throughout SHOOT Classified section, SHOOTonline.com site placement on homepage and ALL news & video pages (at least 50,000 pages), plus on MySHOOTonline.com site placement of select pages, and on SHOOT's opt-in ePublication’s (75,000+ per week) including twice-weekly SHOOT Jobs in Motion, the SHOOT weekly >e.dition, weekly Brand New[s] and SHOOT Dailies (daily M-F), classified RSS Feed, social feeds to SHOOT's Twitter, Facebook,and SHOOTonline Mobile App and the SHOOTonline.com home page.

    For Year 2018 SHOOTonline.com (the site) PAGE VIEWS  YTD thru June 30th were up 11.29% to 1,084,518+-, as compared to 974,463 for the same period in 2017.  Average per month PAGE VIEWS  YTD thru June 30th, were 180,753+- compared to 162,411+- per month for the same period in 2017.  SITE SESSIONS were up 21.75% to 1,387,850+- YTD thru June 30th, as compared to 1,139,900 for the same period in 2017. Average per month SITE SESSIONS for 2018, YTD thru June 30th, were 231,308+- compared to 189,983+- for the same period in 2017.  VISITORS (users) to the site, YTD thru June 30th, were up 17.32% to 315,698+- as compared to 269,099 for the same period in 2017.  Average per month VISITORS (users)  YTD thru June 30th were 52,516+- compared to 44,850+-for the same period in 2017.  (source: Google Analytics)

    2018 & Beyond: We confidently expect these site increases to continue, into the foreseeable future, as SHOOT increases publishing of quality industry news, features, SPW, and video content volume, grows new site sections (i.e. https://My.SHOOTonline.com Profiles & Work of Professional Motion Picture Production and Post Talent db, the recent launch of SHOOT Classifieds section at https://classifieds.SHOOTonline.com), enhancement our digital distribution channels, the introduction of the SHOOTonline Mobile App, now available in iOS , Android, and HTML5, new content streams grow such as the SHOOT “Behind The Scenes” Photo Contest (runs twice per year during Emmy and Academy Awards Seasons), move from a priority on building digital infrastructure to digital marketing, and through experience improve our digital execution skills across the board and pass them on to our members, clients and site visitors.

Your ad is guaranteed to reach the entertainment and advertising industries motion picture segments' movers and shakers from Hollywood to Bollywood and from Madison Avenue to Cannes and beyond.

Here's why:

  • In real-time and overtime, SHOOT Classifieds reach brand clients, ad agencies, movie studios, producers, directors, production & post studios, search engines, cinematographers, editors, creatives & artisans, actors, prosumers, unions & guilds, film offices, equipment & software manufacturers, VARs, media outlets, researchers, social networks, search engines, and fan sites, as well as all the other industry stakeholders and influential decision-makers in the professional motion picture industry worldwide.

  • Using digital feeds and our opt-in ePubs, your classified ad will automatically appear on the SHOOT >e.dition, Brand News[s],  and SHOOT Dailies, as well as over 60,000+ SHOOTonline.com web pages including SHOOTonline.com's front page.

  • Your ad will also appear on SHOOT's Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn social feeds, on SHOOT's mobile app SHOOTonline Mobile, as well our SMS dynamic feed.

  • Your classified ad will receive search engine optimization (SEO) via SHOOT's pre-established syndicated online News Network, and this includes sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The above distributions, combined with long-term site searches, place your ad on a high-traffic site so that you can reach movie, TV and commercial motion picture producers, directors, cinematographers, reps, advertising agencies, movie studios, TV stations, networks, production companies, website producers, freelancers, prosumers, industry researchers & observers, and many more members of the motion picture production industries.

Helpful FAQs can be found here: http://faq.shootonline.com/category/classifieds